How to stay calm in the water when you have a crisis in swimming?

We give you some tips to know how to pass the phase of "panic" that can get you into the water when you compete in triathlon

Our collaborator Zone3, leading brand in wetsuits and accessories for triathlon and open water, tells us in this article that we have to do to pass a crisis in the swimming segment of a triathlon

Keep calm in the water

One of the worst things an inexperienced open water swimmer can do is panic during swimming . This applies in training and on race day.

It may be that visibility is restricted, that the water is cold or that there are hundreds of athletes swimming together.

However, these extremes are not to be feared and must be faced with the right mindset, they are things that can and should be overcome to enjoy open water swimming.

A key aspect here is focus on breathing and keep it stable like when you swim in the pool. The moment you start to panic, your breathing pattern will change. The same goes for the strokeKeeping it soft and catching water correctly with each pull is essential.

If you panic in the middle of the race, you just have to Take some time to try to relax, if possible, an easy solution is go swimming to the side, outside the main course, where are all the swimmers and where are we going to find some clear water and we are going to have a little more space to ourselves, let yourself float in the water for a while until you have recovered your breath and are ready to continue. Breathing here is crucial.

Adapt your swimming technique lightly for open waters

When swimming in open water, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to technique:

-Do the stroke slightly higher than in the pool, to keep the forward momentum in chopped water.

-Surely we will have a strong side to breathe, for which we usually do it automatically. If so, is it really useful to learn how to breathe on the weak side if the waves come through the fort, this will reduce the amount of water that we are going to swallow.

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