How to stay in shape at Christmas?

On these dates, excesses in caloric intake are inevitable.

It is important to enjoy them, but do it with your head

We give you some that will be useful to maintain your physical condition during this Christmas.

Do not choose the option to train twice

Compensatory actions are not a good option, so if you have eaten or drunk too much do not choose the option to train twice or twice the intensity to compensate.

If you fall for it, the easiest consequence may be physical discomfort and you are increasing your risk of injury. Instead, we propose some tips to carry out day by day.

 Be active every day

Even if you are on vacation, do not spend most of your time lying down or sitting or using means of transport.

Take advantage of the fact that you have more time to walk, run errands, finish those household chores that you left halfway through (garden, a small work, etc.)

Train most days.

Of course you should give yourself your days off, but if you comply with your scheduled workouts it will be much easier for you to maintain your fitness and later resume your usual routine.

Include a different activity or sport.

It may be the most ideal time to share sports with family or friends or to do that hiking route that you had pending.

Avoid bingeing.

If we are already aware that on certain days we will indulge ourselves, avoid being in excess.

The feeling of bloating in the stomach and heavy digestions are not pleasant at all.

Follow your healthy habits.

Sometimes the holidays cause us to modify the hours of sleep and rest, the hours of food, the workouts.

Sticking with your usual plans whenever possible will help you maintain your physical and mental well-being.

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes.
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport


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