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How to recover from an Ironman?

Learn from one of the best Spanish triathletes how to recover from an Ironman

Alejandro Santamaria tells us in this article how to do recover from a test as demanding as an Ironman. Alejandro is not only a great athlete, but also works as a coach on his online page Trientrenos.com

Nobody better than him to give us first hand some tips that many of our readers will surely help him in his next competition

Ironman, how to recover the body? What does Alejandro Santamaría do?

For many, finishing the Ironman is the great goal of your season, the final goal, so then they relax completely and end the season.

In my case I like it Match a week of vacation right after to disconnect. But we help the body to recover better if we do some exercise. The head is our worst enemy for those days because we can be listless and thinking only of relaxation. Nevertheless do some varied and soft sport it helps us even supercompensate all the effort.

In the next weekI do not usually have anything planned or forced. I prefer let the body and the head suggest what they want Without giving free rein to your laziest desires.

A bike ride, swim 1.000m, walk through the bush or soft jogging. Whatever but something and little. And above all do things different than what we are used to. Eat a lot, sleep more and disconnect. And above all dedicate more time to the family to which we have inevitably devoted less time in the last weeks prior to an Ironman.

After this first week we can do some more powerful training. But especially giving priority to recoversy listening to the sensations of the body without forcing it more than necessary.

The best thing in these first trainings is to make some short rhythm changes with a lot of recovery in each of the 3 sports and strengthen again.

Some Tips

Train what we want without passing 2h of bike, neither of 50'de race nor of 1.500m of water during the first week. With days interspersed total rest. Ideal to do other different sports.

Hydrate more than normal to help the body rehydrate and eliminate toxins.

Nourish yourself especially well to help the body recover better. Is a common mistake eat based junk food after the Ironman as a prize. But in reality that is a punishment for the body. Eating more is normal, and doing it without worrying about calories. But try to do it without processed foods and not punish the body and our liver with junk food.

More information: https://www.trientrenos.com/

Alejandro Santamaría

Train with Alejandro Santamaria. 26 years of experience at your disposal. Triathlete since 1993 with 27 Ironman completed and several podiums. Several times champion of Spain elite. Coach since 2001. Pioneer in online training. Specialist in beginning triathletes.

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