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How to go up on foot by bicycle? Tips for technique, position and effort

Follow these tips and you will improve your performance on the climbs

Our friends Global Cycling Network (GDN) They have published a new video explaining the best way to stand up on the bike

In the video they give us a series of advice on position, effort and technique how to get up on foot on a bicycle that is sure will help us and improve our performance

In the video they tell us

Position on the bike

The different positions, which professionals do, when to use each position

The cadence

On the climbs, keeping the cadence high is more difficult, so lowering 2 or 3 crowns can be a good trick.

Roll in group

The changes of pace, the change of cadence or gears, can make us brake / accelerate and that we can do the “sharpener” with our group mates. They give us some tips to avoid it

The effort

Going up standing up makes us involve the upper part of the body in the effort, increasing the pulsations and the effort.

You have to take into account the intensity of the effort depending on whether it is an attack, a change of pace or a sprint, where you can give everything

The technique

The technique is fundamental, and they tell us how to take advantage of the weight of our body to improve efficiency and minimize effort

Do not miss the video

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