How to work the force on the bike for an Ironman? By Alejandro Santamaría

The following exercise will allow us to work the strength and power on the bike

Alejandro Santamaria  In the following video, he shows us a simple exercise that will allow us to work on strength and power on the bike, which will also allow us to improve our technique on the bike

Alejandro is not only a great sportsman, as he has already demonstrated with many professional victories throughout his sporting life, but also as a personal trainer in his online page

Do not miss the next video where Alejandro tells us about the bike as correctly execute this exercise.

Some tips for exercise

  • If you know the power data, follow what your coach has given you
  • If you have a cadence sensor, lower the pinions until you reach the Cadence of 50-60 ppm
  • If you are a triathlete, do this Exercise trailer on the handlebar to make it more specific
  • If you do not have a cadence sensor, do the following exercises to calculate it

How to calculate the cadence on the bike?

Count the pedal strokes that we give for 10 seconds and multiply by 6. That is, if in 10 seconds we give 10 strokes, our cadence would be 60 bpm

Further information:

Alejandro Santamaría

Train with Alejandro Santamaria. 26 years of experience at your disposal. Triathlete since 1993 with 27 Ironman completed and several podiums. Several times champion of Spain elite. Trainer since 2001. Pioneer in online training

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