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How to use swimming paddles?

Arena gives us some good tricks to use them correctly and appropriately.

Hen/Stag swimming shovels help to develop the upper body and to give impulse with the arms.

They are one of the favorite accessories of coaches and swimmers They are very useful for increasing power, but you have to use them carefully.

Although for experienced swimmers all are advantages, those who start with them should use them in moderation and take precautions.

Therefore, from the sand and based on the experience of our swimmers, they give us some good advice on how and when to use them:

Control stroke and body position

The most difficult thing is to control the stroke and the position of the body. When your stroke is technically poor, you lose efficiency and lurch like a snake.

To avoid this, you can start with practice some very simple exercises:

First, put on fins to float better. Then put on your shovels and try the “zip-up freestyle” technique.

With your arms extended in front of you, begin the one-arm swim, carefully marking the pull and push phases.

At this point, when you have your arm close to your body, focus on the recovery trying to raise your elbow and extend your arm forward again.

Practice the exercise alternating 25m freestyle with the left arm and 25m with the right.

When you run it with ease, you can remove your fins or increase from a distance.

Reduces the load on the trunk

Learn to reduce the workload on the trunk to reduce overexertion, to do this, try to do the following:

Use a pullbuoy to keep the body in a horizontal position so that the upper body muscles move more easily.

The pullbuoy keeps the hips on the surface of the water and thus the stroke is more agile and the resistance caused by the loss of efficiency in the lower body is less.

Try the following exercise to warm up:

10 × 50 m freestyle with pullbuoy and swim paddles with 20 ”recovery, swimming 1 x concentration on technique (see above) 1 x hypoxic breath every 3/5 strokes changing every 25m.

Alternate swimming with and without paddles during training. Depending on your level, the duration of the sessions with paddles varies.

This is a complete sport and to practice it it is essential to balance the muscles of the upper and lower body.

How to use swimming paddles?
How to use swimming paddles?

Focusing only on improving your stroke with the paddles can even backfire.

Combination training example

Get the balance you are looking for with combined exercises:

6 x 100 m freestyle with 20 ”recovery swimming 1 x 50 with pullbuoy + paddles / 50 full stroke 1 x 50 with pullbuoy + paddles / 50 legs with pullbuoy in front.

Remember that no exercise helps you improve if you don't do it properly. Learn the correct technique and combine arm work with leg work so that your training is varied and effective.

The Sand Shovels

Choose the blades that best suit your level and needs:


The distinctive feature of these blades is the shape for the hands that provides a natural and secure grip. The different positions for the hand straps make them easier to wear and the soft edges are extremely comfortable, preventing any uncomfortable friction on the wrists. They allow you to enjoy a perfect sensation of water while swimming, without sacrificing good resistance.
5 new from 22,95 €
as of April 9, 2024 12:56
Last updated on July 16, 2024 16:16

Get a more natural stroke, as if you were swimming with your bare hands!

ELITE HAND PADDEL. Intermediate level.

This flat hand racket is perfect for working on resistance and improving running technique.

They have a wide central hole to feel the water to the maximum, their smooth edge reduces the risk of injuring another swimmer and the multi-position hand strap achieves a perfect fit.

3 new from 24,68 €
as of April 9, 2024 12:56
Last updated on July 16, 2024 16:16

Its wide central hole allows better contact with the water and to feel the applied pressure!

FLEX PADDLES. For starters.

Add intensity to your aquatic workouts with the arena Flex swim paddles.

They are designed to strengthen the upper body.

They have an innovative flexible mesh surface that allows a greater sensation of water and better control over movements. In addition, thanks to their special design, they reduce stress on the shoulders.

5 new from 13,38 €
as of April 9, 2024 12:56
Last updated on July 16, 2024 16:16

They are the ultimate endurance tool, the most effective way to improve your strength in the water!

ELITE FINGER PADDEL. The favorite of our swimmers.

This smaller format shovel is flat to work the capture phase in each shot.

It has a smooth edge for greater safety in the pool. In addition, the multiple positioning of its straps allows a personalized fit.

This paddle allows you to calculate the capture phase in the 4 strokes!


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