Tips to improve the pace of the 5km of a sprint triathlon

We propose three types of training to improve your performance

If the sprint triathlon race segment is still long, we suggest three types of training to improve your performance in the 5 kilometers of running.

Thousand Series

To train over the distance of 5Km we will perform 4 to 6 series of 1Km with Active rest of 2 minutes between them. The rhythm of the series should be faster than what you do in the 5Km, but keeping it stable in all the series and pressing a little more in the last to lower it.

For example if the goal was to do 20 minutes in the 5Km (this is 4min / Km) we would try to maintain a rhythm of 3'45 "min / Km in all series and download 3'40 "in the last one.

Broken series

This modality deals with simulate the target rhythm that we chase with small breaks between blocks. If we take the format of the series of a thousand, it would be to make 5 series of 1Km with short rest of 30 seconds, maintaining the same rhythm in all the series that should be established to complete the 5Km.

For example if the goal for the 5Km is to do it in 20 minutes we would try to maintain a rhythm of 4min / Km with 30 seconds rests between series.

Competition simulation

Another training that will come in handy to improve your pace of competition will be simulate the situation of the competition, ie the Accumulated fatigue of the cycling segment. For this you can do bike before, One series of slopes or gym circuit. Do not pass with the load that we do not want you to injure yourself, only that you notice fatigue in the legs.

Subsequently, perform 5Km maintaining the target rhythm for the triathlon. For greater similarity, start the first kilometer at a higher rate than the one established (the transitions fly off!), Then keep your pace stable and in the last kilometer throw out all the energy that you have left.

As always, we remind you that progression and supervision in training is the key to improving performance. So head, perseverance and good professionals will help you achieve your goals!

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Technical Director Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

Photo: ITU

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