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Tips for running with Heat

Our collaborator in Sports Nutrition, Victory Endurance has developed a series of tips to acclimate to running with heat in order to compete in a race.

1 Acclimatize:

Perform a progressive period of adaptation of the organism to heat and the conditions in which the test will be carried out.

Between 7 and 10 days is the recommended protocol in most of the investigations, in which it is necessary to adapt little by little to the atmospheric conditions reducing the intensity and the total duration of the training sessions. Limit intense exercises to hours of lower environmental stress and introduce more breaks and longer ones.

2 Hydrate correctamente

Since the body water content in an adult is approximately 60% of the weight, distributed in the inter and extracellular space, tissues, organs and blood plasma.

During the exercise and depending on the environmental conditions, the water loss can be of 4 liters per hour.

3 To rest well.

The days before and especially the day before the competition do not expose to the sun, rest in the shade, refrigerated, hydrated and in a place with extra ventilation.

4 Refresh:

During training and competitions it is advisable to wet the skin and especially the head by cooling it periodically to lower its temperature and protect it with a cap that is well ventilated. Pour water over your head regularly and soak your cap.

There are studies that say that wearing an ice cap improves performance, so I advise you because there is nothing better than trying it yourself ... that you put your wet cap in the freezer and check if in your case there is also an improvement in benefits.

5 Dress appropriately:

Use technical garments that are especially breathable, that do not absorb sweat, that protect from the sun's rays, and that they are very ventilated like the structures of "honeycomb".

There are fabrics that manage to evacuate more quickly the sweat like the Power Dry of Polartec that manages to expand the humidity through the fabric towards outside being an 30% more effective than the popular Coolmax. In the market specialized in triathlon we have many technical fabrics equipped with spectacular textile technology, such as channels that transport excess sweat from areas of maximum sweating.

Alberto Cebollada

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