Tips to take care of yourself in the week of competition

We give you some guidelines to reach the 100% of the competition

When all the work is done and there are only a few days left for the competition, the small day-to-day details They are the ones that count the most to arrive in perfect conditions on the big day.

Training volume

In relation to training, during the last week the total volume will have decreased considerably, maintaining intensity in certain workouts.

This fact it can cause you insecurity by having a much lower frequency and number of workouts and feeling more “stopped” time. But nevertheless, these adjustments are allowing your body to assimilate all the work done and arrive without fatigue for the competition, so they should not fall into the error of including more workouts not programmed by your coach.

The “invisible” training

As for the invisible training, what we do before and after our workouts or in everyday life itself and that directly affects training, we have two main axes: eating and rest

The feeding is key

This week the feeding it's even more key to our performance. Since we have decreased the total training volume, we must adjust the calories we eat to what we spend, as well as choosing foods that really provide us with energy and help us recover.


As for rest, respect the times between training sessions, sleep at least 8 hours a day and in comfortable places, and use other means such as physiotherapy, Stretching, contrast baths, etc., will help you recover and maintain the best physical and mental conditions for your competition.

Trust your work, enjoy the last days of training and remember these basic guidelines to reach the competition at 100% of your possibilities.

Laura García Cervantes

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