Tips to improve your brand in half marathon

In endurance sports such as the half marathon or marathon, it is very important to have a good training plan in addition to being aware of the importance of nutrition and equipment.

To improve your brand in these distances you have to work on different aspects of training, the force, the aerobic resistance, power, rest, etc.

In this article we will expose some examples of how you can improve your performance in these distances.

Rest is the most important

Sometimes with the desire to compete and improve our brands, we think that it is better to train one more day instead of leaving, we are not aware that the most important thing in training is to rest, since it allows us to assimilate all the work done and avoid possible overload or injury

The ideal for this type of distance is rest 2-3 days a week depending on the level, on the work circumstance of each one

Do not always do the same training

Just as rest is important, varying the types of workouts is essential, since interspersing light, intensity or long-run workouts will allow us to continue improving.

If we always do the same training, we will become "diesel" athletes of 2 rhythms, slow or “my rhythm”.

Take test

To check your evolution in distance and as an athlete, it is important to include in training a series of tests that will allow us to see our time difference over the months.

This in addition to being a good control of training andIt is an extra point of motivation since seeing that we are faster in the same distance and circuits, will give us “wings” to continue training

You can do these tests to check your evolution

2.000 km test

It is carried out on a track or flat terrain, carried out at the highest possible speed and increasing in the last 400m until a perception of maximum effort.

5 test minutes

This test has a similar protocol, perform it at maximum maintained speed, record distance traveled and heart rate at the end.

Conconi test

It is done on an approved athletics track, increasing the speed by 0.5Km / h every 200 meters until exhaustion. It is essential to have a watch that allows you to record your speed and heart rate.

You can check the specific way to do this test in the following article:

3 tests to evaluate your performance in running

Quality training

In this section we leave you some examples of workouts that you can include in your routines.

You have to take into account before doing them, the time of the season in which you do them, the previous rest, etc.

Train strength

Training strength in endurance sports is essential, since in addition to making us gain power, to be able to carry more speed in the race on foot, it will prevent us from suffering injuries.

We recommend you do this strength routine for runners

In addition, you can consult our strength training section to find more information

The stretches

Stretching in running is a fundamental factor, and they must always be done after each workout.

These types of exercises are done so that the muscles recover their state before the exercise, which makes them reduce overload, allowing better blood circulation and therefore a correct recovery and assimilation of the effort.

Check this stretching guide to do them correctly

The technique

Like rest, stretching, changes of pace, etc. have a good technique and running efficiency can't make it run even faster.

Surely you have seen Alteras run like jumping, without practically touching the ground, this is the fruit of hours and hours of technical exercises.

We recommend that you do these technique exercises

Have patience

In resistance training such as the half marathon or the marathon, you have to take time into account, since you have to the body needs time to assimilate the workouts and demonstrate their adaptation to this distance.

 Half marathon training plan

IF you are looking for a half marathon training plan, we leave you this 12-week plan designed to go from the 10k distance to the half marathon

The best running shoes for a half marathon

Brand shoes Skechers It has a Performance line specially designed for the world of running.

There are several perfect models for the distance of 21 kilometers that we tell you below.

Go Run Speed ​​Elite

Ideal for the day of the competition, It has a carbon fiber plate and is the shoe used by Martín Fiz or Diego García.

The Skechers GOrun Speed ​​Elite Hyper (TM) is a high-performance shoe model designed to offer a competitive advantage and win races.

This ultralight shoe with M-Strike biomechanical technology offers fast rotation with running economy in mind, and also features HYPER BURST (R) compound cushioning, a carbon fiber plate and a durable Goodyear (R) rubber outsole.

  • Weight: 167g (Man size 9) | 139g (Women size 7)
  • Height: 23mm - 27mm
  • DROP: 4mm

Go Run Ride 8

The versatile Skechers GOrun Ride 8 (TM) are lightweight, neutral, and well-cushioned running shoes.

Featuring a breathable mesh upper with HYPER BURST (R) cushioning midsole, M-Strike biomechanical technology that promotes midfoot stride, making every stride more efficient, and a high-performance outsole with Goodyear (R) rubber. .

  • 6mm (28mm to 34mm)
  • Weight: 238g in men's USA size 9

The HYPER BURST (R) cushioned midsole offers an ultralight experience with great energy return.

This innovative compound is created through a 'Super Critical (R)' process from a single solid piece of EVA in which compressed spherical cells are added that favor its lightness and reactivity.

Gorun RAZOR +

The Skechers GOrun Razor (TM) is a fast, versatile and lightweight shoe for training and race day.

Featuring a breathable mesh and polyester upper, plus highly durable HYPER BURST (R) cushioning with a Goodyear (R) outsole

  • Removable footbed
  • Weight: 192g (Man size 9) | 156g (Women size 7)
  • Height: 23mm - 27mm
  • DROP: 4mm

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