Pull-ups, swimmers exercise

Swimmers don't understand training without it strength work.

The dominated is a regular exercise in your dry workout since it provides such an important global upper body work in swimming.

What is a chin-up?

As we already know, the chin-up consists of raising the body by grasping a bar at a certain height with the hands.

Depending on the position of the hands on the bar, the involvement of the muscles varies, but the reality is that it involves most of the muscles of the upper body as we see in the following diagram:

Google images / Dominas

In order for you to include this exercise in your training routines, you need to be prepared in terms of technique and strength requirements.

4 chin-up exercises

dominated guy
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We advise you to start with the following 4 exercises arranged progressively so that you can finally perform pull-ups without risk of injury:

Pull to the chest

A movement similar to that of the chin-up is performed, only in the opposite direction, that is, in this exercise the bar is brought to our chest and in the chin-up it is our body that rises to the bar.

You can vary the grips as in the pull-up.

Pull to the chest
mundoentrenamiento.com/ Pull to the chest

One-handed pull

To be able to work unilaterally and thus observe if there are differences in our arms, we can perform one-hand pulls on a high pulley, either sitting or on the floor.

Another variant is to perform it standing up with an elastic band attached to the chin-up bar.

One-handed pull
Google Images / One-handed pull

 Eccentric pull-up

It consists of performing only the eccentric phase of the domina, the descent. To do this, use a support that helps you rise to the bar without much effort.

This exercise will allow you to gain strength in your grip and movement so that you can finally achieve a complete pull-up.

Eccentric pull-up
google images / eccentric dominated

Dominated with rubber

Using a rubber or elastic band will help you with your first pull-ups.

You must progress in the way of use (placing the feet is more advantageous than the knees) and in the resistance of the rubber, so that you will notice the progression.

Dominated with rubber
Google images / Dominated with rubber

More strength exercises

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