Exercises with rubber bands for swimming

If when you start the car you don't put in fifth, why do you start training without having warmed up your engine?

In swimming, our main driving force is the shoulders, so it is advisable to prepare them for the subsequent effort. Today we leave you several exercises to do with rubbers.

Rubber training in swimming

  • Hen/Stag rubber bands or elastic bands They are very used in swimming, very often you will find one in the backpack of a swimmer or triathlete. The common use is due to several benefits:
  • It is an inexpensive and easy to transport material
  • It is very versatile in terms of the variety of exercises that can be performed with them
  • Allows you to adjust the resistance
  • Enables training anywhere
  • Can be used as a training, warm-up or stretching session
  • In some moments of the season they can replace conventional weight training
  • They allow to reproduce certain technical gestures with resistance and simulating the frequency of swimming

Exercises to warm up with rubber bands before starting to swim

Here are 6 exercises to include in your warm-ups before starting to swim.

Start with 10 reps of each exercise and do 2 full laps:

Internal shoulder rotation

Shoulder external rotation

Triceps extension.

You can do it simultaneously or by alternating arms

Lateral shoulder raises.

You can do it simultaneously or by alternating arms

Crawl grip

Crawl stroke

However, it is important that you also bear in mind that the exercises with rubber bands do not provide the same resistance during the entire route, but that it increases progressively.

For example, in a lateral shoulder raise you will feel more resistance as the arm approaches the shoulder line. To work with greater resistance the first angles of the movement you should use a shorter rubber and shorten the route of the same.

If you want to continue learning more about rubber training, we leave you some articles:

Laura García Cervantes
Laura Garcia Cervantes.
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