Agility and coordination exercises for career

The training of agility and coordination in the race will help you to improve the technique and with it your efficiency in each stride.

To work the agility and coordination We can use several materials that are very accessible and quite economical:

Materials to work agility and coordination in running

Before you start with the exercises, you should keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Make a good pre-heating according to the effort that you are going to carry out
  • All supports should be with the metatarsal, just like what happens in the race
  • Try to keep the relaxed arms and shoulders, performing the stroke according to the movement
  • If necessary, begin the exercises by walking and progressively increases speed
  • Increase the difficulty gradually as you get to perform the exercise correctly

Depending on the material you use, you can do some exercises, so we give you options for all:


placing the hoops in one or two rows you can alternate the supports, make jumps to one to two legs and even to the opposite side

Hoops technical training career

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Agility ladder:

You will have endless possibilities with this material. Alternate supports inside and outside the ladder, forward, backward, sideways, jumps, etc.

Agility ladder:
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Mini fences.

It is an excellent material for more specific technique work. Depending on the height you will find different possibilities. A highly recommended exercise with this material is to practice the stride amplitude. The more you separate the fences from each other, the greater the amplitude, so you can play with the number of supports between fences.

Mini fences
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Cones and mushrooms.

They are widely used for circuits with changes of direction, either forward or backward or with lateral displacements, zig-zags, etc. These types of exercises are the simplest and are usually performed at high speed.

Cones and mushrooms
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 Even if you do not believe it, all the exercises that we are talking about demand high concentration and cause a lot of fatigue, so we advise you to do them at the beginning of the training between once and twice a week.


Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos Sports Director

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

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