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Of all the great potential is known when looking for the best performance in our trainings of a key tool such as electrostimulation with COMPEX but…. Have you ever wondered if you are using correct intensity?

Triathletes the likes of Mario Mola, current Triathlon World Champion, or Kilian Jornet, one of the best ultra-distance runners in the world, use COMPEX in their daily lives.

From Triathlon News we want to give you some guidelines that will be very useful when it comes to knowing how to manage the intensity of the programs correctly in the case of training sessions such as Resistance, Force Resistance, Force, Core Stabilization, etc.

To reach the maximum tolerable intensity:

It is crucial to reach the maximum intensity possible. The intensity determines the amount of muscle fibers that are activated by the electro-stimulator.

The best way to determine your maximum tolerance is, simply, follow your sensations and judge yourself what is your body able to endure

The contractions must be powerful, but bearable. The stimulated muscle progression will be greater if the Compex recruits a large amount of its fibers.

Control the progress of the training:

Increase the intensity of each 3,4 or 5 contraction during the session.

Try to reach at the end of each session a maximum intensity of 10% higher than the previous session.

The sensation becomes more comfortable if we perform a voluntary isometric contraction of the stimulated muscle.


COMPEX training exercises

Basic rules to help in your training

Follow the recommended placement of the electrodes, looking at their polarity (+ and -). In Wireless devices, the + pole is found in the one with the on / off button; while in the models with cable, the positive pole is in the cable with the color head. *

Change your electrodes on a regular basis. If the gel of the electrode deteriorates, the conductivity of the electrode worsens, losing efficiency and worsening the sensation, causing the session to lose effectiveness.

Further information: https://es.compexstore.com/

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