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Do you swim again? Don't forget to take care of your shoulders

We show you 5 mobility and strength exercises to take care of your shoulders.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have already returned to swim because you have the sea nearby, this article interests you. We show you 5 mobility and strength exercises to take care of your shoulders.

While it is already known that pain and the most frequent injury in swimmers usually occurs in the shoulderThere are many factors that can trigger this injury (joint instability, technical errors, lack of mobility, lack of strength, etc.).

However, despite having knowledge of it, seldom do we spend training time focusing on such valuable articulation.

Neoprene can cause injuries if you don't wear proper mobility work

Returning to training, possibly in open water and most likely using neoprene, can lead to short-term injury if you do not wear a adequate mobility work y strengthening of the musculoskeletal structure involved in the repetitive movement of the stroke.

Mobility exercises. Work the range of motion trying to reach the joint limit without compensating with another part of the body.

You can do them before or after your workouts, dedicating between 30 and 60 seconds to each of the exercises. Don't forget to work both sides!

Strengthening exercises.

With a simple rubber band you can perform a wide variety of exercises but below we show you 5 that you can include in your warm-up routines prior to swimming training or in separate sessions.

We recommend that you progress in the number of repetitions and series, starting from 10 repetitions and 2 series until achieving 15-20 repetitions and 4 series.

The tension of your rubber will be that which allows you to carry out the entire movement noting resistance.

Remember that your shoulders are the engine of your swimming, if you do not dedicate the attention and care they require, you may have to spend a season in the dry dock.

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

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