Rest, an essential factor to maximize your workouts

As important as training, they are recovery and rest.

To get the best results during training it is very important that we rest properly.

It not only counts that we sleep the recommended hours, but that our rest is of quality so that the body can recover from the effort made, avoiding injuries due to physical exhaustion.

 For this, we have a great help: the latest technology integrated in Garmin smart watches, with which we can control sleep and its quality in an advanced way, as well as stress moments, which affect the correct rest.

As important as training, they are recovery and rest.

While we start from the belief that the longer and harder we train the greater the results that we get, today all professional athletes know that it is wrong and that, as important as training, are recovery and rest.

 During training, the muscles undergo stress that forces them to consume their glycogen reserve and causes them small fibrillar tears. To this is added the loss of water and mineral salts.

In the recovery and rest phase, everything returns to its being, preparing to face another training with our best form.

But all of this depends on a cstraight rest, in which both the sleeping hours and sleep quality, where stress plays an important role.

 At this point, we ask ourselves: How can we know what has been the quality of our dream? ¿

When we sleep, we release testosterone and growth hormones rtissues that have been damaged during exercise.

How can we know what has been the quality of our dream? 

A study states that 6 hours is not enough

Skimming hours to sleep is a big mistake, as a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, which states that those people who only sleep 6 hours show levels of attention, reaction time and drowsiness as if they had consumed 2 or 3 beers.

In addition, they are shown more sensitive to pain, are more prone to injury and immune system is depressed, being more prone to colds.

How can we know how we have rested?

 Therefore, sleep and its quality become vitally important. But how can we know how we have rested? Nothing simpler than putting a Garmin smart watch on the wrist.

Thus, we will have the advanced sleep monitoring, which is carried out by calculating the different stages of sleep (light, deep and REM).

To do this, it also uses the Pulse Ox * feature, intended for measure blood oxygen saturation, and the number of breaths per minute.

La combination of all these parameters it translates into a detailed sleep analysis, statistics that can be checked upon awakening to fully understand the quality of the same and its consequences in the rest. 

 Similarly, sleep allows us to charge our "battery." Thus, with Body Battery monitoring we can plan the day ahead and optimize our activity and rest times, depending on our energy reserves.

To do this, this benefit uses a combination of stress data, heart rate variability (VFC), sleep and activity.

 Manage stress, a key factor for proper rest

Stress directly affects rest. You do not sleep the same when you are nervous or relaxed. In fact, it has been proven that negative effects appear without having made a great overexertion.

This is what experts call "low performance syndrome without explanation" A fatigue that has more to do with a poor recovery than with an excessive workload, and that is motivated by a high level of stress.

Esto Not only does it affect elite athletes, but also to any amateur sportsman which adds training to other charges. This stress affects the quality of sleep, which ultimately leads to poor performance, injuries and even illness.

 Still, there is a solution and we can know what causes us stress, and even fight it, in order to find ourselves better and face the daily sessions in the best way.

With the stress monitoring, included in various Garmin devices, you will be able to understand how you respond to stimuli and, if necessary, When the device detects a peak, perform breathing exercises Guided to stabilize you anytime, anywhere.

 You will find all these applications in sports watches Forerunner® 245 y Forerunner® 945, from Garmin, with which, in addition, you will obtain multiple data of interest to improve your brands and control aspects of great relevance to overcome the objectives and challenges that you propose.

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