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The training of Lionel Sanders to 600W

His last series training has been series at 600 watts

He has already accustomed us to some brutal training, but this time he has had to do series to 600 W on a roll

The Canadian triathlete Lionel Sanders has published in social networks, a workout of 20 × 30 seconds to 600 watts with 1: 30 of recovery between series

In another article that we published, he told us about some of his favorite workouts for preparing for an Ironman, these are an example:

  •  4 x (3 minutes at 70 ppm, 3 minutes at 80 ppm, 3 minutes at 90 ppm, 3 minutes at 100 ppm, 3 minutes at the preferred ppm)
  • 10 x 8 'in threshold, with 3' of rest between repetitions

Or this one that also published in social networks:

  • 6 x 3min at 105% Ftp w. 1min rec
  • 5 x 1min at 115% Ftp w. 1min rec rec
  • 6 x 30sec at 130% Ftp w. 1min recovery

Do you dare with these trainings?

Photo: Instagram Lionel Sanders

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