Electrostimulation: the great ally for the athlete

The "electrostimulation”As a technique for the improvement of athletes, it is something that is already on everyone's lips today, but perhaps you have heard about it but are still not sure what it consists of.

If this is your case, we recommend reading this article where we explain in detail what it is, what it is for and the reasons why you should use it if you are an athlete.

Electrostimulation has today become a perfect ally for the athlete so much for the improvement of workouts, post workout recovery or competition, and even for therapeutic purposes such as to speed up recovery after an injury or operation.

What is electrostimulation?

athlete using electrostimulation on twins
Compex / athlete using electrostimulation in twins

Electrostimulation is a technique that causes muscle contraction by means of an electric current. To do this, electrodes are placed in the area / muscles to be worked and an electric current is sent to them.

With this technique we cause a contraction of muscle fibers without the need for the person to “actively” intervene.

What is?

Its usefulness is very varied and depending on the objectives of the athlete who uses it. Basically they can be summarized in three main ones:


Both for the improvement of sports performance and for the toning of the muscles.

This type of training can be done both in passive (simply with the electrostimulator applying the program depending on the objective) or active, at the same time you do an exercise (for example squats or roller), this second boosts even more the results in our muscles.


athlete using electrostimulation to recover after exercise
Compex / athlete using electrostimulation to recover after exercise

Thanks to the recovery programs, after training, we generate greater blood flow to our muscleswhich facilitates the work of our lymphatic system to eliminate waste and therefore have a faster and more satisfactory recovery.

Rehabilitation therapies:

 The most used program in these cases is the TENS (Transcutaneous nerve stimulation).

It is a therapeutic technique used by his antalgic capacity that, thanks to the electric currents, pain in the part of the body that we are going to treat is reduced.

 Here it is always recommended to work under the guidelines of a physiotherapist who will indicate the times and intensity to use.

Do you have any kind of contraindication?

In general, everyone can use it, but if there are contraindications for those who carry it, pacemaker, women embarazadaspeople with epilepsy, and thrombosis, thrombophlebitis o varicose veins.

 In these cases it is recommended to always consult your doctor.

Why is it recommended to use it if you are an athlete?

athlete using electrostimulation in the upper trunk
Compex / athlete using electrostimulation in the upper trunk

The main reasons that lead an athlete to have the electrostimulation technique in their training routines are because, clearly, they helps improve your performance.

There are two main ways of improvement: one of them is to use it to reduce lactate and thus shorten recovery times which helps to face the next training session with a greater guarantee of success.

 On the other hand, because thanks to its various programs we can improve in such important aspects how are the force, explosiveness as well as increase our muscle mass, among many other reasons to consider.

If you want to know more about it  electrostimulation you can take a look at the articles published in that section.

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