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Fitness training by Alejandro Santamaria

Do not miss the video where he tells us how to do the exercises correctly

Alejandro Santamaria tells us in the following article how to correctly do a physical conditioning training, an essential training for the triathlete mainly during the preseason

Fitness training

  • Heating 15-20 ',
  • 10 squats
  • Race 1 '+ 10 squats
  • Career 1 '+ 10 funds
  • Race 1 '+ 10 squats with jumps
  • Race 1 '+ “Americanos” Squat + plant position, regroup and jump
  • 10-15 'stroke + cool down

If you are in shape, do a sprint of 10 seconds after each exercise, never at maximum intensity to avoid injury

More information: https://www.trientrenos.com/

Alejandro Santamaría

Train with Alejandro Santamaria. 26 years of experience at your disposal. Triathlete since 1993 with 27 Ironman completed and several podiums. Several times champion of Spain elite. Trainer since 2001. Pioneer in online training

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