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3 Lionel Sanders cycling training for Ironman

Lionel Sanders spoke for the 220triathlon web where he told how he was preparing for Kona last year and showed some examples of training.

Sanders performs much of his preparation with roller training, where he works strength and endurance that allow him to have a great performance in the race. Sanders He also performs long sessions of 4 or 5 hours, which helps him a lot in both physical and mental preparation.

Below we will discuss some of the training that Lionel Sanders did in his preparation for Kona 2107.

Incremental cadence session

Duration: Approximately 1 hour.

Objective: Increase muscle adaptation in high and low rates

Frequency: 3-4 every 10 days

Training: Light heating and brief return to calm. The purpose is to vary in the cadence with key points of the objectives that you want to achieve in the race, to calculate them you have to adapt it to a rhythm of resistance.

Adaptation of the age group:

4 blocks x 15 minutes, for example:

[3 minutes at 70 ppm, 3 minutes at 80 ppm, 3 minutes at 90 ppm, 3 minutes at 100 ppm, 3 minutes at the preferred ppm].

The goal is to work at different cadences. Remember to do a warm up of 10 'and a return to the calm of 5' soft pedaling.

triconsejos_08_training-biker-lionel-sanders-2 3 Lionel Sanders cycling training for Ironman Training articles

Endurance session

Duration: Up to 5h

Objective: Neuromuscular adaptation to exercise for more than 5 hours: intensity is not important, but accumulate kilometers.

Frequency: 1 once every 10 days

Training: Roll to a power similar to that of Ironman during 5hs.

Adaptation of the age group

Lionel advises to make several shorter training sessions of 3, 3h30, 4h ... before progressively increasing the time and kilometers.

It also advises doing 2 or 3 time workouts that we believe will take us to complete the 180km of an IM.

Speed ​​session

Duration: 2hs

Objective: Improve the pace in the cycling segment of an IM 70.3

Frequency: 1 once every 10 days

Training: Heat soft 15 '+ 10 x 8' in threshold, with 3 'resting between repetitions. Return to calm 10 'soft

Adaptation of the age group

It's a good workout for our legs!

Most age groups will need to adapt progressively. This would be the training

8 x [6 'threshold + recovery 3'] or 8 x [7 'threshold + recovery 3'].

Subsequently increase the intensity 10 x [6 'threshold + recovery 3'] and 10 x [7 'threshold + recovery 3'].

Always remember to warm up and return to calm.

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