1 hour Fartlek workout

If you want to improve your speed and your aerobic endurance, this type of training is ideal.

If you want to improve your speed and your raerobic resistance this type of training is ideal.

How to do this training?

The first thing to consider is to make a good heatingor, to do this, start very slowly and increase the pace little by little to go increasing heart rate.

  • PE, Perception of effort


Very easy 15 minutes, gradually increasing the pace

  1.  5 minutes 5/10 PE
  2.  5 minutes 6/10 PE
  3.  5 minutes 7/10 PE
  4. 5 minutes doing accelerations of 20, 30 », rec same time walking

Main block

30 minute intervals, fartlek style.

This training can be done by time or choose two points on your route to know when to change rhythm or do 2:30 minute sections interspersing intensity and recovery

The intensity in each phase will be the following: 1st phase intensity 8-9 PE, 2nd phase intensity 4-5 PE

This is an example that you can do, but you can change it to your liking. Take into account the distances between the chosen points, or the time to be able to endure the training.

  • 1 strong section + 2 soft sections, 2 strong sections + 1 soft section, 3 strong sections + 1 soft section, 1 strong section +1 soft section

Ideally, you can work at high and constant intensities, then recover enough to run hard again.


10 minutes easy

Source Triathlete


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