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Training with power cage or Power Rack

The benefits of strength training in any type of sport it is much more than proven.

In endurance sports such as triathlon or running, cycling, trail running, etc. Complementing the usual training with strength sessions will not only improve your discipline but also prevent possible injuries.

It is increasingly common for athletes to set up their own small gym in their own home, buying weights, mats, etc. but have you ever considered a Power Cage?

What is a Power Cage?

What is a Power Cage?
Amazon, an athlete training in a power cage

These power cages, also called Power Rack They are usually seen in gyms or Crossfit boxes, but you can also have it at home.

This kind of accessory allows you to make a very complete training if you know how to use it.  

It is a metal structure (usually steel and iron) that is an ideal tool to do bodybuilding in a safe, enjoyable way and that works different muscle groups.

They usually have pulleys, supports for pull-ups or chin-up bars among other options. It can also be used to do exercises with elastic bands or with free weights, among others.

Most common exercises that can be done with a bodybuilding rack
Amazon, athlete lifting barbell

Some of the most common exercises that can be done with a bodybuilding rack consist of

  • Dominated
  • Squatting
  • hack pull
  • Barbell row
  • Press bench
  • abdominal
  • Biceps, triceps
  • Many more..

The power cage is composed of 4 vertical posts joined together forming a cage appearance from which the name comes

Each post has a series of holes so that the different accessories that each exercise requires can be adjusted, in addition, as they have horizontal bars, they can be performed for example.

What are its advantages?

Having a training cage at home will allow you to have your own home gym

These are some of its advantages:

  • Workouts with high loads
  • Adapts to the athlete's height
  • Due to its robustness it is safe
  • Avoid injuries
  • Multifunctional training
  • Takes up little space
  • Savings, since you will not go to the gym
  • Thanks to the accessories, its performance can be improved

Exercises to do in a Power Cage


power cage squat
Trainings.com/ how to do a squat

It is one of the simplest and most important exercises you will have to do.

Thanks to the fact that you can incorporate a bar in the cage, you can do them with added weight, giving a plus to this type of training, which will improve your power, gain muscle mass, etc.

To be able to do them it is necessary to have an Olympic bar and discs of different weights.


dominated cage power
Trainings.com/ how to do a pull-up

Trainings.com/ how to do a pull-up

It is another of the basic exercises, in addition to having the bar incorporated in the cage you will not need to buy anything.

Encourage lifting the weight of the athlete by propelling yourself with your arms. If you can't do a pull-up yet, you can use TRX pulleys or bands instead.

Dead weight

deadlift cage power
Workouts.com/ how to do a deadlift

It is another very useful exercise, it consists of lifting a load from the floor to the waist starting from having the knees bent until leaving them straight

Barbell row

power cage barbell rowing
Trainings.com/ how to do barbell rowing

If you have a barbell in the cage, this exercise is also recommended and is done by lifting the bar but using your arms and back.

 It is similar to the deadlift, but in this exercise the legs are kept in the same position

Press bench

bench press power cage
Trainings.com/ how to bench press 

Another well-known exercise, with which you work your chest, biceps, triceps, etc.


hung abs cage power
Workouts.com/ how to do hanging abs

You can also work your abs with a cage, for example doing hanging abdominal exercises lifting your legs to form a 90º angle.

These are some of the exercises that can be done with a Power Cage, although many more can be done depending on the level of the athlete.

What if it is certain that it is a good investment if you want to train at home, since it allows you to do a multitude of exercises in an easy and safe way in your own home

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