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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

High cadence recovery training

After a competition or training weekend of volume and quality it is necessary to recover well to be able to face the following week with guarantees.

This 1 hour training It is ideal to recover after having competed or from the "long runs" of the weekend.

It is very simple It can be performed both on a roller or outdoors.

recovery training

For this you have to use the small plate throughout the training, keeping your RPE (Perceived Exertion Scale) at a low level, approximately RPE 4/10.


  • 15 minutes @ RPE4/10, relaxed and easy pedaling

Main block

  • 30 min. @ RPE4/10, cadence @ 90-110 RPM


  • 15 minutes @

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How to do the training?

From 15 minute warm up pedaling at the cadence you prefer, it goes to the phase of 30 minutes at a high cadence on level ground (if you are outdoors), the cadence will be between 90 to 110 RPM.

Effort should remain low (RPE 4/10)It has to be a very comfortable and aerobic walk.

Once you have completed these 30 minutes of high cadence pedaling, simply continue pedaling relaxed until completing the hourpaying attention to turn the pedals smoothly, with a cadence around 90 RPM.

You should finish the tour feeling better than you started

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