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Resistance training, what comes first, the muscle or the heart?

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The eternal question of what was before, the chicken or the egg? You can move to training, what to train first, muscle or heart?

Our collaborator Rebook Performance, tells us in this article how to train correctly in endurance sports.

The most common recommendations to start the season have always been start with low intensity workouts and perform different activities than usual to create aerobic base

Options Muscle training for endurance sports

These recommendations are clearly positioned in begin training by giving work to the heart (cardiovascular system) and is what many of us We have made every season start for many years.

The heart is also a muscle, but it works because of the demand of others. If you do not require a large amount of blood, it will not need to develop. PTo improve performance, the skeletal muscle must be worked in a demanding manner, so that capillaries are created and so we can use all the necessary nutrients. The circulatory system will not develop if there is no prior muscular demand.

It is as if we compare the refueling of our car or that of a Formula 1. Our hose (capillaries) will need several minutes to fill the tank, does not need a large pump that drives a lot of gasoline and high speed, but the formula 1 in a few seconds has filled the engine with nutrients so you can use them.

To understand it better yet, eThe trained heart of a great cyclist or runner are quite similar, but their muscles are different. A good cyclist should be able to run on foot like a good runner, at a cardiovascular level they can be almost identical. But in reality this does not happen or at least not at the expected level. The best cyclist in the world able to move more than 6w / kg in a port, will never win a marathon, will not even be able to run for a long time unless 3: 15min / km. To get it you will need to develop your specific musculature for a long time. Muscularly he is not efficient in that task. The heart pumps a lot of blood, but the muscle is not able to use those nutrients.

The same goes for a rower who wants to be a swimmer or a cross-country skier who wants to be a cyclist. The heart can be non-specific and adequately perform the function of pumping blood, but the musculature is complex and very specific.

The muscle develops according to the demand that is demanded and it gradually generates its own adaptations by requesting the help of other organs (among them the cardiovascular) in order to fulfill its mission. To be able to squeeze all the nutrients that come through the capillaries it is necessary to have a large amount of enzymes and above all some mitochondria very efficient (the true secret of performance).


  • High intensity training (HIIT) combined with resistance: Sustained speed (sprints of 30sg or more) combined with resistance training produces an additional stimulus in trained athletes (study)
  • Aerobic training of low or moderate intensity with Superimposed electro-stimulation (study, study)
  • Strength training: The biggest muscle activator is strength training especially with high intensity exercises, 70-80% 1 RM (study)
  • Strength training with superimposed electro-stimulation: the same strength training has additional advantages if electro-stimulation is also applied during the exercise (study)

If you want to improve your performance first demand your muscles, these will be responsible later that the circulatory system can be developed without losing time and without limitations.

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