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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Set training to improve cycling speed

The speed component should not be neglected and should be included in the planning of any endurance sport.

Speed ​​in long-distance events translates into economy, so this aspect should not be neglected in training.

Our collaborator Personal Runing, he tells us in this article how to train the series correctly to improve our performance on the bike.

The importance of speed

As we have said on several occasions, the speed component should not be neglected in any case, and we must include it and work it within the preparation or the Planning any resistance sport.

In this case, cycling, if we talk about this discipline within triathlon, it becomes very important, especially in short distance testing with drafting.

If we talk about medium / long distance, let's not forget that speed, in short, is strength, power, ... what in the long run it translates into economy so even if it is to a lesser extent we should not neglect it.

Going back to the tests with drafting, have that “explosive” or “maximum” capacity to make great efforts for a short period of time, it must be considered as a fundamental and conditioning aspect both in the performance and in the result of a competition.

In a short distance, every second is decisive, since in small details it is where the great differences occur afterwards.

The key situations where the series will help us

Be able to make explosive efforts by bicycle, Or what is the same, being quick about it, will help us obtain benefits mainly in three types of key situations:

  • Trim or recover those possible seconds that I have lost in swimming and that separate me from the group as soon as I leave T1.
  • Gain a few seconds advantage by escaping from the group and facing with a certain margin of T2.
  • To be able to respond to possible attacks or changes of rhythm in the group.

Series example

Next, from Personal Running, we present an example of bicycle speed work that we could do on a flat straight, with little traffic and good asphalt.

  • 3 X
  • 6 x 15 ”c / 2 ′ explosive foot plugs“ all out ”(1 from sitting, 1 from standing)
  • 4 x 30 ”c / 3 ′ explosive foot plugs“ all out ”(15” standing, 15 ”sitting)
  • 8 x 10 "c / 1'30" explosive torn from standing almost stopped
  • (recovery between blocks 10 ′ soft pedaling)

The Personal Running team.

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