1-hour transition training for triathlon, which will fly in T2.

Our magazine friends Triathlete, published some time ago, this etraining to be more effective in triathlon transitions that we want to share with you

This training is designed to improve in T2, to "get used to" the sensations that a triathlete finds leaving the bike and starting the race on foot

Things to keep in mind

This training can be considered a cycling training and it won't have to be done more than once a week.

Do not do this training when you have less than 10 days left for the competition and be sure to leave a day of recovery after training

If possible, do the 45 second part of the main workout on a good climb  and the interval plus the construction lasts and the longest interval on a straight line with a slight slope

  • Nivel avanzado: up to 5 repetitions of the main phase
  • Basic or medium level, 1-3 repetitions of the main phase

EF: Perceived effort

Transition training


  • 15 minutes easy, pedaling not less than 85 RPM
  • 5 x (30 seconds 7/10 EP, 30 seconds easy) all between 85-95 RPM


  • 5 minutes at 6/10 RPE, 80 RPM
  • 3 minutes at 7/10 RPE, 85 RPM
  • 1 minute at 8/10 RPE, 90+ RPM

Main set

  • 3x (45 seconds doing
    • (15 seconds at 7/10 RPE, 85 RPM
    • 15 seconds at 8/10 RPE, 90 RPM
    • 15 seconds at 9/10 RPE, 95+ RPM
    • Leave the bike and run 4:15 to 7/10 RPE trying to keep heart rate low
  • Then get back on the bike 2 minutes easy at more than 90 RPM)


  • 10 minute easy shoot at 85-95 RPM

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