Quality workouts prior to a marathon or a 10K

Martín Fiz and Abel Antón give us their "recipe" to get ready for the competition

Martín Fiz y Abel Antón They are some of the best Spanish athletes as well as being very mediatic and loved by the Spanish public.

As usual in both, he gives us some good advice through their social networks.

This time he has taken the opportunity to give us a "recipe" of previous workouts for a marathon or a 10.000 m race

Your marks at these distances

These are the marks that both show at these distances

Abel Anton:

  • 10.000 meters: 27'51 ″ 37
  • Marathon: 2h.07'57 »
  • Double Marathon World Champion

Martin Fiz:

  • 10.000 meters: 27'49 ”61
  • Marathon: 2h08'05 ”
  • World Champion and Runner-up M

Pre-training for 10.000 meters

These trainings are designed to be done 5 days before a championship or important test of 10.000 meters

  • Anton: Heating + 2 X 3000 Recovering 4 'stop. Times (8'10 ”- 8'05)
  • Fiz: Warm up + 3 X 2000 (time 5,20) + 1 X 1000 (time 2:35) recovering 3'30 ”stop.

Pre-training for 10.000 meters

These trainings are ideal to do 8 days before a Marathon.

  • Anton: Heat + 2 X 6000 recovering 4 'Stop. Pace (2'48 ”/ 50” per km.)
  • Fiz: Warm up + 2 X 4000 + 1 X 5000 recover 4 'Stop. Pace (4000 to 2'58 ”/ km) (5000 to 2'52” / km)

Doing these workouts at the pace of these champions is not easy, but you can adapt them to your rhythm and follow the structure that will surely help you get to the day of the test in full condition.


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