Training of Lucy Charles of swimming for Ironman of Kona

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The young British triathlete is the best swimmer of the Ironman circuit and in the following article we can see some examples of her swimming practice.

Lucy Charles made the leap to triathlon in 2014 debuting in the Ironman in the United Kingdom when he was not yet 20 years old competing as an age group. The following year it was proclaimed IM 70.3 and Ironman world champion in her age group (18-24) so in 2016 decided to make the leap to professional debuting in the Ironman of Lanzarote where he got the third position.

Subsequently, last year was its international explosion, with the victory in the Ironman of Lanzarote and World Samorin Challenge, besides getting the second position in the Frankfurt Ironman and especially being second in his debut at the Kona Ironman going down from the 9 hours.

This 2018 has started strongly, winning the South African IM and it is presented as a serious threatens the reign of Daniela Ryf in Kona

Next we show you three swimming exercises of Lucy Charles that the magazine published 220triathlon

Technical session

Duration: 1h (3350m)

Objective: To reinforce the correct swimming technique


800m-1000 m

Main work:

5 x 200 different technique exercises

5 x 100 pull / blades

5 x 50 correct technique with speed

Back to the calm

200 m feet

200 m pull

200 soft swim

Adaptation of the age group: Reduce the warm-up and return to calm by 50% and the repetitions of 5 × 200 to 5 × 150

Lucy Charles entering goal in the Hawaii Ironman

Endurance session

Duration: 2h30m (6000m)

Objective: Getting used to swimming to the rhythm of the race during long sessions


800m-1000m soft + 4 x 100 m progressive making the latest 100 at the pace of competition + 100m soft back

Main block:

1500m at the pace of competition

1000m at the pace of best brand in 1500m

500m at the pace of the best brand in 1000m

5 x 100 a little faster than competition pace

Back to the calm:

800-1000 m soft

Adaptation for age groups: Reduce heating and return to calm an 50% and the main block an 30-40%

Speed ​​session

Duration: 1h (3500m)

Objective: Improve speed to be able to swim comfortably at the pace of IM competition


1000m to varied styles

Main block

10 x [50 (25 m F / 25 m S) + 50 m (35 m F / 15 m S) + 50 m max] rec 40 »

 Back to the calm:

500-1000m continuous swim

Adaptation for age groups: Reduce heating and return to calm an 50% and the main block do 6 or 8 repetitions instead of 10

Photo: / @talbotcox

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