Fernando Alarza explains the benefits of working with the Bkool roller

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“The strength-resistance training that can be done at Bkool is the best.”

For some time Fernando Alarza use the Bkool roller in his training sessions and today he will tell us the benefits of working with this roller

Currently Fernando is located in the 5º place in the WTS world ranking. He had to miss the Leeds World Series for a lesión but hopes to get back to Hamburg and fight for the final podium of the world.

How are you about the injury that prevented you from running in Leeds?

I'm much better considering the severity of the injury, a small tear in the Achilles tendon, where times are what they are. The evolution has been quite good and thanks to being able to treat it daily has allowed me to have that constant control. 

The injury has prevented me from running in the last weekBut I have already started to run and the next thing is to get running sessions as normal as possible.

Fernando Alarza using the Bkool roller

Will you be on top in Hamburg next?

We hope to get there well. There are still some weeks left I think it will give us time to put in good running training on foot. It's not something that worries me too much, since In swimming and cycling I find myself very wellWhile the race on foot is luckily a segment where I do not have a hard time taking the form, there are even times when we have to lift our feet running as I take the form too fast.

In Hamburg I hope to be at 100%, contest the race and why not try to fight for the podium.

Now you are fifth in the Ranking of the WTS, and there are several tests, will you compete in all the others to try to add the maximum points possible?

I have not other. It's true that I've only missed the one in Leeds but we have to try to rule out the bad outcome of Abu Dhabi, so we're forced to go to the three missing WTS before the final; Hamburg, Edmonton and Montreal, where we will try to do our best to reach the Gold Coast Grand Final with options to fight for the podium.

Fernando Alarza with the Bkool roller

For a few months now, you have been working with Bkool. How does the Bkool roller help you recover your injury?

For quite some time I have been training with Bkool and the truth is that roller training is something that I have always liked and it has caught my attention. For me or my way of training, I think he is the best strength training-resistance that a cyclist or triathlete can do, to that we add that with the Bkool roller and the application we can be entertained during the hours I spend on it.

These last weeks I have greatly increased the use of Bkoo rollerl, especially in the worst moments of the injury where I could only roll and without standing on the bike, avoiding going on the road because there you always tend to stand up in some moments and pedaling is not always the same. Working with Bkool has helped me maintain better muscle tone and do good physiological workouts, simulating race beings on foot on the roller.

 How do you use the roller to complete your workouts? Do you have any training or favorite route?

I use it in many ways. When I only have to shoot I try to find routes that I like and adapt in distance and time. On the other hand, when I have more specific workouts, I personalize my sessions, I create my own sessions putting the profile and distancen function of the type of series to be performed.

There are many routes to choose from and taking into account that I do some two or three roller sessions a week The options are many and this is appreciated, having that great variety of routes.

Fernando Alarza using Bkool roller

Bkool offers the possibility to previously travel the real routes of the races in which you are going to compete. Do you use them to recognize the WTS? How important is it to be able to know the routes?

Bkool only has the real routes if both Bkool or the people who have gone by bike climb their routes. It is not something that I use to travel or recognize the circuit of a world series, since someone who has done the tour previously should upload it.

What I do is in the WTS that I have competed I go up the circuit and then I try to train in that circuit to simulate that profile or the race situations that occur in that circuit, such as tears, stoppages, etc ...

What I do see is important recognize the circuit before competing live, "in situ". I am lucky to have competed in all the WTS and just by closing my eyes I know each curve of each of them, it is something that I have worked with a lot these months, reading each curve to know how I have to trace, where I have to enter, where I have to leave, etc ...

Bkool allows you to compete with other athletes. Tell us .. you compete with others, without knowing they are you?

Haha, yes, Bkool allows me to compete with other athletes. Sometimes I personalize a session and say "I hope no one connects because I'm not doing much jogging today" but in the end someone connects and we end up "stung".

When I connect sometimes, I see if there is someone and I try to go up a little more and make it more enjoyable, "competing" with others. Most of them know it's me, because my name is f.large and the flag of Spain, so I think that most triathletes who connect to Bkool will recognize me quickly.

Would you recommend Bkool to other triathletes?

Yes, of course I recommend it. As I said before, I think the strength-endurance workouts that can be done at Bkool are the best. The way to roll on a roller is a super round pedaling and I have greatly improved my way of troweling simply by using the roller.

It is true that sometimes a lot of people can seem a "torture" to throw more than two hours on a roller but in this case having Bkool is something that makes all that much more enjoyable. The feeling of working with Bkool is as if you were riding on the road, with a very fine roll and excellent watt control.

Finally we have the multimedia application where we can use a lot of routes, compete with other athletes and make "hangouts" to "go out and shoot together". To me it makes me very pleasant roll work and every week, minimum do 2 sessions with him.

Further information: https://store.bkool.com

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