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The nutritional strategy of Lucy Charles in an IRONMAN

Lucy Charles is one of the best long distance triathletes on the international scene

Lucy Charles She is one of the best long distance triathletes on the international scene, where just a month ago, she achieved victory in the Challenge Roth. In addition this year he has returned to get his third victory in The Championship.

In the following article published on the web 220 triathlon first person account as it feeds on long distance tests


The night before a long-distance race, like Challenge Roth (who won convincingly in 2019), I try to get fairly simple carbs, simplifying the pasta and cutting the fiber.

On the morning of a race, I have a cup of tea, porridge (porridge) and some toast for some carbohydrates. It's also what I'm used to taking when I'm going to train.

I always have a bottle of electrolyte drink before the start of the race, and sometimes I also take an energy gel, plus I always have a can of Red Bull to focus and get a shot of caffeine.

During the race

During the race, my goal is to consume 60-70 g of carbohydrates per hour, usually in the form of energy bars and energy drinks, but this will depend somewhat on the race's official nutrition sponsor.

My goal is to drink 3-4 bottles of an electrolytic drink over the 180 km of the cycling sector to keep my hydration to the maximum. During the first 3 hours of the bike as solid carbohydrates as bars.

At the marathon, I try to maintain a carbohydrate intake of 60/70 g per hour through a drink mix of Red Bull water and energy gels. My electrolyte levels are completed with isotonic drinks.

Post race

Immediately after the race, I'm usually on anti-doping, so it's just water, but, once I finish this formality, I have a protein shake, at least a can of Red Bull, and pizza is my favorite reward after career.


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