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(Video) The importance of rowing exercises in swimming

They will help you improve stroke efficiency.

Catching water, leaning on water, pushing water, are some of the phrases you will hear most from coaches or swimmers of a certain level.

If you do not know what we are talking about, read on to know the exercises that will help you improve stroke efficiency.

The paddles are drill who have a fundamental involvement of the hand and forearm, so that its correct execution will help you catch more sensitivity, feeling of support and so improve stroke efficiency.

 To perform the rowing exercises you must follow the following guidelines:

 Just relax.

Any muscle tension added to the movement will only cause you to lose buoyancy and remove the water, but not to lean on it to propel you.

Use auxiliary flotation material.

The idea is to help you take a position as horizontal as possible, so a pull between the legs can help you.

Use the tuba.

In this way you will avoid losing the horizontal position to breathe, and you can focus 100% on the exercise. Watch this article where we tell you how to do it

Do not hurry.

They are not exercises to move fast, but to advance well, so it is not the time to look for speed

Make fluid and continuous movements.

Try to keep a certain rhythm in the movement, so that there are no breaks in each phase so that the movement inertia is maintained

Feel the water.

You should focus on the feeling of getting your hand and forearm to rest on the water, a kind of swirl can form around your hand and will signal that you are doing well.

Rowing exercises for swimming

Include these exercises daily as part of the warm-up or within the technical block and intercalate them with normal swimming to transfer the same sensations of support and impulse

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes

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