Contact lenses and water sports – tips and benefits

Do you do triathlon? Do you like to enjoy sports but at the same time and in some situations you do not feel comfortable vision problems?.

Maybe you are a person who have to wear glasses but you wonder if it would be recommended Wear contact lenses when doing sports.

Well, the answer is a resounding yes!

Furthermore, according to optometrists, the use of contact lenses for sports is recommended, since the glasses can cause facial injuries in the event of a sports accident.

In fact, professional athletes are not allowed to wear glasses when they play soccer, basketball, or other contact sports.

What choice do you have? The use of contact lenses is recommended for sports.

There are online stores, like Vision Direct store, who are specialists in everything related to ocular vision, that is, in contact lenses and products for their care.

In addition, today you will easily find a wide variety of sunglasses and cheap prices on contact lenses.

Contact lenses offer several advantages, in addition to greater clarity of vision compared to prescription glasses. But what do we do if we like water sports? Should we wear contact lenses? Next, we tell you more.

Tips when wearing contact lenses

Generally speaking and where possible, lenses should not come into contact with water of any kind, as they tend to absorb the water around them, which can cause them to change shape drastically.

If you notice, they are stored in a special solution that helps clean and disinfect them. You should buy this solution in specific stores that sell products for glasses and contact lenses.

Now Does that mean you can't use them when swimming? No, quite the opposite. If you have vision problems you should definitely wear contact lenses with swimming goggles, obviously it is.

In general, it is considered that soft contact lenses are the best for sports, as they move less within the eye compared to hard lenses and are less likely to slip.

You can use single use lenses, and throw them away after using them. You can also choose to usemonthly tickets instead of daily disposables, that already depends on your personal taste.

So, for your own safety and to feel more relaxed when swimming, you should definitely wear contact lenses. What benefits do you get from using them?

Benefits when wearing contact lenses in sports

 First of all, we mention some advantages of contact lenses compared to glasses in sports:

  • Adaptation to the vision problem.

One of the benefits that contact lenses offer is that they adjust to a wide range of parameters.

This means that they are precisely tailored and adjusted to your vision problem. This means that they adapt and adjust perfectly to your vision problem.

  • Visual sharpness and clarity

Being able to see with absolute clarity during physical activity is an essential requirement for any athlete.

Daily contact lenses make water sports much more comfortable as they provide greater visual clarity.

The result is better sports performance.

  • Wider field of view. 
  • Better depth perception.
  • Eliminate distortion and distraction.
  • Low risk of damaging lenses compared to glasses during sport.

As you can see, if you suffer from any type of vision problems, you should wear contact lenses when practicing sports.

In any case, we recommend that you speak with your optometrist, so that he can give you more practical advice in this regard.

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