Don't forget your adductors when stretching

It is common to see injuries to these muscles caused during a sprint, sudden change of pace or direction.

When you get to stretch your musclesYou should not forget about the small muscle groups that play an essential role in our movements.

Today we tell you the role of the adductors to prevent injury.

When we talk about "adductors" We need to keep in mind that the adductor muscles of the hip It is made up of 5 muscles: adductor magnus, adductor long, adductor short, pectineal, and graceful.

adductor muscles
adductor muscles

As we see in the image, all originate in the pubis and are inserted along the femur, except for the graceful one that reaches the tibia.

2 stretches

Therefore, depending on the objective of the stretch, we will have to perform one and another position as you see below:

Adductor stretch
Adductor stretch

Due to its main function of adduction (bringing the leg towards the central axis of the body), when it comes to running, they do not have a primary role as if presented by the flexo-extensor muscles of the hip-knee.

However, chen the speed or force to be performed increases, its implication is still greaterr.

Therefore injuries are common in these muscles caused during a sprint, sudden change of pace or address.

One more step

To intensify the stretch you can perform exercises with the help of the wall or the floor as we show you below:

Wall adductor stretch
Wall adductor stretch

The very important abdominal muscles

Finally, one of the most important aspects to take into account is el Balancing the abdominal musclesly adductor, since in cases of weakness or imbalance, increases the probability of groin.

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