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Guidelines for feeding and hydration Pre and Post competition

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Any nutritional strategy that you are going to carry out during the competition, you should try it in the trainings to avoid gastrointestinal incidents or other inconveniences


  • Try to eliminate most of processed foods of your diet, this should be a daily habit, but put more emphasis the previous days (eg: industrial bakery, fast food)
  • Baby between 2 and 3 liters of water to the day, and without forgetting it during the trainings.


  • Sigue you usual feeding, experiencing new foods can bring unforeseen events.
  • Avoid greasy food, because digestion can give problems (fried, industrial pastries, fast food, etc)
  • Choose Carbohydrates (toast, cereal, pasta, cooked potato, etc)
  • The juices They are usually very popular at breakfast, try to be natural and have tried before that does not cause digestive problems to compete
  • Hydrate since you get up with little sips of water every half hour
  • Take some bar or nuts natural in case you have to wait a long time before your departure, and take them between 30 and 60 minutes before your departure.
  • You can have a couple of drinks isotonic drink 30 'before starting your test
  • It also takes drink with salts for the bike segment


  • If the duration of your test is around 1h-1.30h, drink liquid and isotonic drink (it is advisable to take 2 drums on the bike). The cycling sector is the most suitable for this
  • It is recommended to ingest liquid and solid during longer duration tests.
  • The general guideline of feeding is to ingest 0.6-1 gram of carbohydrates per kilo of weight every hour of exercise. You can do this by eating small pieces of a bar each 20-25 minutes or one gel each 40-45 minutes.
  • The general hydration guideline is 100-200ml every 15-20 minutes alternating water and isotonic drink, this translates into "two or three drinks".
  • Even if you are not thirsty, force yourself to drink
  • All these guidelines are generic, so you should Know and train your strategy Nutrition prior to competition


  • Hydration: the first hour after the competition you must increase your hydration, both with water and with isotonic drinks
  • Carbohydrates: during the hour and a half after finishing, ingests about 100 grams of simple carbohydrates
  • Proteins: Look for recovery bars to include protein and consume them before two hours after finishing your career

Do not be guided by what works for them [Email protected] and customize your strategy to avoid surprises!

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Technical director Tres Cantos Trikatlón Club

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

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