Fundamental Pillars to have good Resistance in Sport

Today we bring you a very interesting article about sports, about how to be more effective with your performance. We will talk the fundamental pillars to have good resistance in sport.

We show you point by point each important pillar to have a performance like never before.

Whether you are a novice or more advanced runner, or a paddle tennis player, for example, as is my case, who practices so much running as paddle at a good level... you must take into account these parameters that we put below to have a good sports resistance in these aspects:


This is one of the points that we will talk about today, perhaps one of the most important, since without the right material it will be difficult for us to exercise correctly and comfortably.

In the case of Runningit's It is necessary to have a good type of footwear for our long runs. Having good shoes will give us better stabilityPlus Trust and also will increase our sports performance, especially if we take high-end running shoes, as these will be more advanced in both materials and technologies.

From the point of view of paddle tennis, since paddle tennis is my favorite sport after running, we also have to look for the best padel accessories. With this the performance increases and not a little, I confirm it.

In paddle tennis, the most used shoes with which they wear clay sole since they allow us the firmer grip on the track and that therefore entails less risk of injury, faster starts... etc.

As for padel rackets, if you are an advanced player, we recommend one with carbon fiber, since it is the best material to obtain good performance from the beginning.

La paddle tennis website I trust for my purchases is Iberian Padel, in case you are interested, highly recommended.


The next point to cover is the topic of a healthy diet. Since, if we want to have a good, demanding performance and give the best of ourselves, we must take care of our diet.

It is one of the fundamental pillars to be better in each sport, and especially in running, which is one of the most demanding sports, since the distances to be covered are very long, and resistance is the key point.

Well, having the perfect relationship between carbohydratesproteins y fat They will give us the optimal energy for exercise. When we play sports and especially if we do it at a good level, we need a healthy diet, without many sugars.


Sleeping well is another of our fundamental points and here everyone surely agrees. We tell you why:

Sleep is a basic pillar to have good endurance in sports and one of the decisive factors in our performance. Everything is influenced by sleep, such as training, competition or even muscle recovery.

 If we rest well and the necessary hours that normally minimum 8 hours is recommended… we are going to notice it on a physical level, we will get tired before and we will not be able to give 100% of ourselves.

Make a daily routine, eat well, train, compete and rest your 8 hours a day and you will see how your performance will improve quickly, we assure you. Moreover, athletes with a good rest sleep better than a sedentary person.


If you want to improve your level in any sport, be it running or paddle tennis, you are going to have to have a certain degree of daily engagement with himYou're going to have to spend hours on it and just like that... you'll get the desired results.

Do sports regularlyit's essential to improve performance, we advise you to prepare a weekly routine, such as setting goals to go out today to run 5km, and the next day improve yourself and do 7km, and thus you will motivate yourself and exercise more regularly.

El set goals It is one of the most effective ways that sport has to not leave it aside and continue practicing it day by day.

Leaving sports performance aside a bit, doing sports a good number of days a week reduces the risk in a very high percentage of contracting diseases, then we will have a better blood pumpingbreathing will be better, and our muscles will be strengthened to avoid unwanted injuries.

And surely the most important part of sport is that it improves our mood. There is no better therapy than going for a run or having a game of paddle tennis to recover the spirit that you lack.


We finish our article on the fundamental pillars to have good resistance in sport, speaking of maintaining a healthy weight, and this is linked to daily training and diet. If we want to be effective on the slopes and competing at the highest level, our weight must be the correct one according to our body.

Maintain a healthy weight by exercising daily and eating healthy foods.

 With all these points, you will be able to improve resistance in sport at 100%. You will be a new athlete and from now on, you will be able to give your best version in any sport.

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