Why is it good to train with a club to improve in your sport?

Practicing your sport in a Club can bring you great benefits that you may not have considered yet.

Individual sports involve greater personal effort when it comes to training and maintaining the motivation and continuity and perseverance necessary in everyday life.

Practicing your sport in a Club can bring you great benefits that you may not have considered yet.

Supervision by a professional.

Joining a club or team led by an area professional with the right knowledge is nothing but taking care of your health. The guidelines on exercises to be performed, volume and intensity will reduce the likelihood of serious injuries and pathologies resulting from poor sports practice.

Less perception of effort.

The group's own environment reduces your perception of the effort in relation to performing the same intensity in a solo training.

Greater progress

You may feel that you have reached a point of no improvement, but without a doubt when you train as a group, the increase in competitiveness and a greater stimulus from other colleagues at a level slightly higher than yours will make you leave your comfort zone.


One of the ways of learning of the human being from an early age is imitation by observation. Seeing how the coach and your peers perform exercises with greater technical precision and knowing their experiences in your sport, you can get great lessons for your performance improvement.

Greater motivation

The excuses that go through your head for a day not to train will decrease when you think about the good atmosphere and the enjoyment you have with your teammates. Also committing to someone is the biggest motivation to not abandon your training day

If you have been stuck in your performance for a while and your motivation is low, try at least a month to train constantly with a team and you will see how you feel the lost illusion again.

 Laura García Cervantes

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