Prevention of ankle sprain with Compex, works proprioception

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Who hasn't ever sprained while running? If you have a Compex it will help you in your recovery so that you return to 100% as soon as possible.

In sports where there are many changes of direction at high intensity or long runs on uneven terrain, joint injuries are the most common

Among them and being the one that has more incidence we find the ankle sprain which we will explain how to work your prevention with the help of our Compex.

First of all we must understand what is proprioception? 

It is a system that our body has to perceive where each part of the body is at each moment.

A good proprioception stabilizes, coordinates y Strengthens body structures, allowing to stabilize, in this case the ankle, preventing injuries. In case of falling into a sprain it means that the joint has gone out of its range of work and that we have been injured.

Let's see how we can work proprioception to prevent the joint from leaving its range of work and thus prevent us from suffering a sprained ankle.

Placement of the electrodes:

Ankle sprain prevention with Compex, works proprioception, material_08_position-electrodes-compex-sprain-ankle

Proprioception exercises with COMPEX

PROGRAM: Ankle sprain prevention

1 Exercise
  • Start position: Lying on your back or sitting up, with your arms next to your body and your legs stretched out.
  • Action: We remain in this position during the course of the program.
2 Exercise
  • Start position: Standing, to one leg.
  • Action: While Compex does its function, we try not to lose balance.
3 Exercise
  • Start position: Standing, one leg over an element of instability.
  • Action: In unipodal support on element of instability, such as a bosu, a Freman plate, etc., during the contraction of the Compex. When this is over, we stay on top of the element of instability and with an assistant we make passes with a medicine ball.

Ankle sprain prevention with Compex, works proprioception, material_08_exercises-priopoception-compex

It is advisable to make a gradual evolution in the difficulty of the exercises and whenever it can be combined with characteristic movements of the sport practiced in order to work more specifically.

We leave you this video of our Compex Trainer Salvador Amat working the prevention of ankle sprain with the Trail runner Laura Orgue

Yes reading this article you are late and you have already suffered this pathology we recommend you visit our products of the range of bracing to optimally protect your joint and that are at 30% discount.

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