Injury Prevention with Skechers. Exercise and stretching guide

We give you a series of exercises and tips that will prevent you from suffering injury.

After several weeks back to training we want to remind you of the importance of taking care of small details to keep progressing and avoid injury.

The footwear that we use in our training sessions is a very important thing that sometimes we do not take them into account.

La correct choice of footwear Depending on the type of runner you are, the distance in which you are going to compete, the type of terrain will define what your shoe will be. We recommend you read this Skechers shoe choice guide for more information.

In addition to the choice of shoes, we give you a series of exercises and tips that will prevent you from suffering avoid injuries.


Exercises Proprioception They are intended to make the body aware of body position, position sensation, and are therefore especially relevant for running training.

Next, we show you 3 exercises that you can include as part of the warm-up, prior to your running training

Lame leg:

Stay balanced on one foot.

You can add difficulty by closing your eyes, trying to stand on your toes, or putting a less stable surface like a pillow or towel underneath.

The rhombus:

Staying on one foot, draw a rhombus without the other trying to get as far as possible without supporting the foot or losing balance.

When you do, close your eyes to increase the difficulty.

Wrinkle towel:

Place a towel on the floor and with your toes try to wrinkle it until you can bring it all the way to you.

If you want to increase the difficulty you can do it on the limp and / or keep your eyes closed.


We know that during the race the main muscles involved are the lower body.

However, many times we focus on stretching only the large muscle groups (hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, calves) and we forget about smaller ones with a high involvement in the stride gesture.

We are going to teach you 3 of those "little" muscles and how to stretch them after your workouts:

Plantar fascia

The muscles of the foot receive all the impact in each step and are greatly influenced by the type of ground and footwear.

Iliac psoas

The most powerful hip flexor.

Tibialis anterior,

It is activated to lift your foot off the ground and a lot of impact falls on it.

On the other hand we leave you several recommendations of the Skechers news for this season

Laura García Cervantes
Laura Garcia Cervantes.
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

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