Sun protection and outdoor sports

With the arrival of the heat sport is done differently. We carry more summer clothes, drinks with which we can hydrate ourselves and even choose those morning hours when everything is a little lighter, but what about the sun protection that we also need?

products like helio care 360 they can make the effects of the sun not fully hit our skin but, even with the impact, we can live your exhibition in a healthy way. Ideal for exercising, we can also use it when we take long walks on the beach or in our pool afternoons.

How can we protect ourselves from the sun when doing sports?

A recent study has alarmed about the carelessness of people who play sports in the face of the impacts of the sun. Although there are some who have been taking it into account for years, a 45% of those who go running they don't put on any cream or they do it only during the summer months.

What is this a situation of complete alarm It highlights the need for a campaign in favor of protection, for people to know what these direct rays mean to the skin. Thus, in order for the percentage to drop, we leave you with a series of useful tips:

Avoid the central hours of the day

Why are you going to go running when it's 40º in the shade? The first hours of the day or the last hours of the afternoon are the better to do our activities routine and, with regard to sport, we must take care of ourselves in this regard. It is no use trying to maintain the line when we are leaving our skin in another aspect. Don't you think?

Appropriate clothing for sports

El wearing the right clothes for sports it is something standard, but when we expose ourselves to the sun we must be more aware of the clothing. Caps, t-shirts, long pants or sunglasses are some of the items that cannot be missing from our backpacks, which are made so that we can move freely.

all of them breathable, it is convenient that we try them before getting into the routine with the races because that way we will see how they benefit us. With specific characteristics, if you don't know which of them suits you best, you can still ask the specialists or in that store where you always go to buy.

Use of sunscreen

Un activity-appropriate sunscreen sports we do is the faithful companion, the one we can always count on. Pharmacy products, designed for those of us who expose ourselves to the sun continuously, come with their instructions to let us know which one is the best. Are you going to stay without knowing him?

Is outdoor sport dangerous without protection?

If he outdoor sports without taking the measurements accurate can be quite harmful to health, capable of harming us or causing illness. Although training in the sunlight brings psychological benefits that are noticeable in the body, with the passage of time we see that not everything was so beautiful.

From premature skin aging to cancer caused by sunburn These are things that we will have to deal with. This, which is not something positive at all, is part of what should keep us alert about what care we should take.

La Solar protection, which is made for those exercises that we have to do outdoors when it comes to sports, is an ingredient that we must mix with our lives, the element that we have to hold on to when we go running or do any other outdoor activity .

In any case, it is essential to know that the sun creams are not just for summer but when there is a real exposure to the rays of this star. Thus, if we are runners or athletes who exercise outdoors, we must always value its application, carrying it with us in our backpack.

Bass recommendations of pharmacies or specialized centers, if what we want is a healthy sports routine, we only have to put ourselves in the hands of professional products, of that protection that we need but that we have ignored until now.

In short, the outdoor sports is one of the most recommended -especially since the crisis we have experienced due to covid-19- but, if we do not do it with control or we are not sufficiently hydrated, it will be useless to seek to be in shape or follow some exercise routines.

Now you know! Whether you are runner as if you are motivated by climbing You must be protected from the sun's rays because, although they sell it as the best friend for health, its direct exposure has always been a problem. With everything in favor, if what you want is to be calm with your routines, nothing like taking care of yourself in this aspect as well.

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