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What is polarized training?

This type of training is based, roughly, on training without using the average intensities.

Surely you have heard about this training method used by endurance athletes, mainly athletes, or even someone has advised you, but you may not know what it is specifically.

El polarized training it is not a current "invention". Dr. Stephen Seiler has been publishing valuable works about this training method in endurance athletes for a decade.

This type of training is based, roughly, on train without using the average intensities. More specifically, the distribution of the training is done in the following way:

  • Around 75-80% volume Total training is done at low intensity (below the first threshold, VT1).
  • Around the 15-20% volume Total training is done at High intensity (above the second threshold, VT2).
  • Just one 5% of volume Total training is done to a intensity between thresholds (VT1-VT2).

This model presents 3 training zones,

Unlike the 5 commonly used training zones, this model presents only 3 zones, of whichs low intensity is the main protagonist.

In relation to triathlon training, scientific investigations are not very numerous, but we find several show improvements in the performance of amateur athletes (not beginners) and high level when comparing this training method with other methods.

Requirements and fundamental points to do this type of training

Some requirements and fundamental points that you must take into account to do this type of training:

  • You must know your thresholdsFor this, a test of effort made by professionals will be very useful.
  • You must meet you, and have experience in training. Training as a professional does not make you professional, so you should be aware that you need to accumulate experience in training.
  • Do not forget that most of the training is at low intensity, and that intensity is marked by your threshold.
  • Check your time and availability. High volumes at low intensity can mean longer sessions.

Without a doubt and most importantly, chire a professional to plan your goals.

Remember that training recipes do not exist, there is only perseverance and a job well done, so surround yourself with good professionals and achieve your goals.

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos Sports Director

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

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