What is FTP in cycling?

FTP (Functional Threshold Power), in Spanish UPF (Functional Power Threshold)

The FTP (Functional Threshold Power), in Spanish UPF (Functional Power Threshold), which refers to the maximum average power that you can develop in one hour. From this data you can calculate the different training zones expressed in beats / minute and power zones.

To calculate it we leave you one of the simplest tests:

FTP or UPF test of the 20 minutes

The original version of the FTP test contemplates perform 60 minutes, but due to the complexity involved, both logistically and physiologically, Allen and Coggan (2010) proposed a Adaptation of 20 minutes.

Highway version

To take the test outdoors you must dispose of potentiometer and locate a ccome with a constant slope around the 5-8%, that you can cover it in about 20 minutes without too many curves nor irregular terrain so that it does not make you vary the speed.

After performing a good warm-up, cstart the test by regulating your effort to the duration of it. Note that we evaluate the average powerTherefore the rhythm will be as demanding as you can keep during the 20 minutes of duration.

Roll version

Another option is to roll it, thus eliminating external influences of climatology or unforeseen of the road, and allowing you to give the maximum effort during the test.

Many of the current rollers offer you the option of the test. But if that were not the case, once you have done a good warm-up, the test begins regulating your effort to give the maximum during the 20 minutes of duration.

Here we leave an article where we tell you how analyze the data 

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