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Which is better, roller training or exercise bike / Spinning)

More and more people opt for Indoor training with rollers or in the gym with exercise bikes or Spinning.

Now in the winter, the weather always complicates the training of the cycling segment, since, with the rain, the wind or the low temperatures they do not motivate to go outside to roll

For this more and more people are choosing Indoor training with rollers or in the gym with stationary bikes or spinning.

In this article we want to make a comparison of Pros and cons That has every type of training.

For this we will set as an example the star products from our collaborator Zycle, the ZYCLE ZPro roller and the ZYCLE ZBike exercise bike.

We explain a little the differences of the 2 Zycle models:


  • Simulate slopes of up to 15% slope
  • It generates a maximum power of 1.200 watts.
  • Silent, precise, powerful
  • Good power readings.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of platforms on the market such as Bkool, Zwift, Rouvy, Trainer Road

PVPR: 449 €


  • Smart bicycle
  • Gearshift and calibration
  • Perfect product for hybrid use between cycling and fitness.
  • It brings improvements in its operation with a completely real data reading
  • Handlebar with three positions
  • Integrated electronic gear
  • Millimeter adjustment of the seatpost improvements.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of platforms on the market such as Bkool, Zwift, Rouvy, Trainer Road

PVPR: 1.249 €

Advantages of roller training

  • Good adaptation to the bicycle
  • Pedalada very similar to road filming
  • Use of Bkool platforms for training diversity
  • Control of power, inclination, without external conditions, etc.
  • With 1 hour of roller is enough
  • Save space

Advantages of exercise bike training

  • Ideal for cardiovascular conditioning and strength work
  • Entertainment with in collective classes
  • If you have it at home, possibility of online training platforms
  • Cons of roller training
  • Monotony if they don't have an electronic option
  • Having to disassemble the wheel every time you have to train

Cons of roller training

  • Monotony if online training platforms are not available
  • Having to disassemble / mount the bike wheel every time you are going to train

Cons of exercise bike training

  • Different postures due to the geometry of the bicycle
  • Incorrect positions if there is no monitor
  • Monotony
  • Take up a lot of space


In summary, roller training like the ZYCLE ZPro model is more beneficial for the triathlete since it is achieving greater adaptation of our body to the position of the bicycle, as well as a pedaling very similar to the one we will do on the road.

As for the noise excuses that these devices make, there is hardly any in this model.

However, you have to know the objectives, needs of each athlete to choose one type or another of training.

Take into account the pros and cons of each one, compare it with your situation and choose yours to start training

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