What to do in the gym with the coronavirus?

The most important thing is to wash your hands also in the gym

We echo this article published by the vanguard, where they explain what we have to do in the gyms to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Keep in mind that transmitted by coughing or sneezingSo a gym is no more dangerous than another place where people like a church gather, for example.

The most important hand hygiene

According to Joaquín López-Contreras, the head of infectious diseases at the Sant Pau hospital (Barcelona) the main thing in a gym and everywhere is still hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is a effective measure, and a very good recommendation is wash your hands before using any machine To do exercise

How to wash your hands to avoid coronavirus

How to wash your hands to avoid coronavirus

Sneezing in the elbow or in a handkerchief, not by hand

To avoid spreading viruses, when sneezing, it is best to do it on the elbow or a disposable handkerchief.

Once used, throw it away in a closed garbage can and wash your hands.

In order not to spread the virus that accumulates in saliva, it is necessary to cover your mouth when sneezing or cough but never by hand, to avoid touching surfaces or another person later

With some fever, better stay home.

With 38 degrees or with any small fever, what you have to do is stay at home and not go to work or the gym or even the ambulatory. Thinking of others ”, remembers the expert.

The coronavirus appears survive a while, two hours and even days, on some surfaces. And that can happen in machine parts where they put their handsFor example, ”recalls López-Contreras.

That is why some especially sophisticated centers dedicated to physical exercise carry out a promotional campaign explaining the increased hygiene in weights, handles and metal, plastic or glass surfaces that are touched intensely, explains The New York Times.

Sweat is not a problem for virus transmission.

Sweat, on the other hand, is not a problem for the transmission of the virus, so the use of personal towels it seems like a general hygiene measure convenient, but not special for these types of infections.

2 alternatives to the gym to train at home

If in your locality you cannot or want to go to the gym, we recommend reading this article where we talk about 2 alternatives to continue training at home 

The best way, common sense and responsibility

What we do to Preventing infections as individuals is very important.

«If you can wash your hands when leaving the subway when you go to work, the better. And on the plane it makes more sense to take a bottle of disinfectant gel and disposable tissues than a maska ”, warns the expert from Sant Pau.

The same goes for surfaces that many people touch.

"Common sense and responsibility”, Summarizes López-Contreras. “If there is a child at home with a cold, he cannot be in contact with an older person. We have to protect them

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