The most famous routes in France for roller with the hand of Bkool

France, pays du cyclisme by Bkool, 5 stages that you will not be able to stop doing with your roller

Hand in hand Bkool, sports emulation software for cycling has launched taking advantage of the Tour de France dispute on France, country of cycling by Bkool with 5 stages to do with the roller and enjoy the race at the same time

Join the platoon

You will be able to participate in the Group Outings and complete the stages together with hundreds of Bkoolers and special guests

If you can't do them live, you can do them at any time.

What stages are they?

The France, pays du cyclisme by Bkool consists of 5 stages that are:

Col du Galibier

Col du Galibier Bkool
Col du Galibier Bkool

Col d'Uglas

Col d'Uglas Bkool
Col d'Uglas Bkool

Col de Montgenevre

Col de Montgenevre Bkool
Col de Montgenevre Bkool

Marie blanque

Marie Blaque Bkool
Marie Blaque Bkool

France 2020 - Final Etape 19

France 2020 - Final Stage 19 - Bkool
France 2020 - Final Etape 19 - Bkool

How can you participate?

To be able to participate, you just have to register with Bkool, download Bkool Cycling and connect it to your smart trainer of any brand

First time at Bkool?  Remember that you can try it free for 30 days.

Upon entering Bkool Cycling, you will see the corresponding stage at the top. End the session and save it.

Your best time will always be recorded in the classification.

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