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Use the sauna to improve health and performance

Heat is something that our own body produces to eliminate pathogens (the most common of infectious nature or toxins).

Our collaborator Rebook Performance, tells us in this article the advantages of the sauna in sports performance

Heat is something that our own body produces to eliminate pathogens (the most common of infectious nature or toxins).

La fever is a defensive response of the organism, it is not a symptom that we should treat and get off as soon as possible, since we avoid that our body can defend itself as it should and because the immune system works better with the elevated temperature. Another thing is to enter a excessive temperature (+ 40ºC) where it can be dangerous even cause death (more in children). Even low body temperature is related to heart problems and overweight

Thermometer with fever


Having a high temperature has advantages, but there are still more ...

  • Reduction of Blood Pressure, arterial stiffness and heart diseases
  • Decrease in suffering risk of respiratory diseases
  • Improvements in the lipid profile and insulin sensitivity showing effects similar to an exercise session
  • Increase longevity. Not only avoiding cardiovascular problems but even in various species has increased life expectancy
  • Slightly pain relief and improvement of mobility in inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism

 But not only does it improve health but it can also help in sports performance:

  1. Improves thermoregulation
  2. Increase the plasma volume and the blood supply
  3. Increase the mitochondrial biogenesis
  4. Increase the production of Growth hormone

The effect on performance seems to increase when the post-exercise sauna. Research has shown increases in the plasma volume of an 17% in only 10 post-exercise sauna sessions. Also this combination of exercise in heat increases the production of Growth Hormone more than when done separately

However the use of the sauna produces a minimum benefit when it comes to eliminating toxins, no matter how much, the organs in charge of this mission are the liver and the kidneys. It could not be so wonderful ...

The use of the Sauna in sports performance


In principle there are few risks of taking a sauna whenever it is done coherent and progressive way. The only known ones are:

  • Decrease in blood pressure, being little recommended for hypotensive people,
  • Angina pectoris unstable or infarct of recent myocardium
  • Combining alcohol and sauna can be potentially dangerous.

How to take a dry sauna correctly:

  • The temperature must be 70-90ºC, never superior. Higher temperatures can hinder sweating and even cause burns)
  • The usual is start sweating at the 8-12 min stay, which is when it implies that the internal temperature has started to rise. Being less time does not mean benefits
  • The total recommended time is from 20 to 45min, dividing it into 2-3 blocks from 10 to 15min in which a progressive cooling must be carried out ending in a shower or cold water pool. It must remain very calm and better lying down so that the temperature is balanced throughout the body.
  • If you come previously from a training can be shorten the time in the sauna since it starts from a higher internal temperature
  • Staying in a sauna is like a workout, it must be progressively increasedIf symptoms of oppression or dizziness appear, it is necessary to leave and refresh.
  • It is recommended before leaving Sit in the 1-2min sauna before leaving and getting up and walking gently to avoid dizziness. It will be essential to immerse or shower in cold water to normalize blood pressure values ​​(the more hypotensive the more important this phase will be) and return the body to normal temperature to avoid further sweating when leaving it.
  • Hydrate properly and not perform more than 2-3 weekly sessions

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