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Strength session for runners to do at the gym or at home

Strength training is the foundation of any other basic physical ability

The importance of strength training in runners it is a fact more than proven, so today we want to encourage you to start with it.

Traditionally, the amateur or popular runner has focused on adding and adding kilometers and increasing the intensity in their workouts without paying special attention to strength training.

However, this is the basis of any other basic physical ability (endurance, speed) and it is also proven to reduce the occurrence of injuries.

That's why today we bring you the following strength exercise circuit especially designed for runners since it involves the main muscles of your strides:

Circuit strength exercises in gym

Strength session for runners in gym

Circuit strength exercises at home

Strength session for runners at home

How to do this training?

To carry out this training we recommend that, depending on your level, you do it in the following way:

  • Initiation (2 sessions / week). Intensity around 50% and between 12-15 repetitions per exercise. Total 3 rounds
  • Middle (2-3 sessions / week) Intensity around 60% -70% and between 8-10 repetitions per exercise. Total 3-4 rounds
  • Advanced (3 sessions / week). Intensity around 70-80% and between 8-10 repetitions per exercise. Total 4 rounds

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