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I'm a triathlete, why do we have to swim in all styles?

Triathletes usually only practice crawling style in their workouts

It is possible that practically 100% of your swimming training only include the crawl style, but from today we hope to open your perspective and training bag including other styles

We have reasons from all walks of life to encourage you to practice other styles to the point of getting comfortable when you practice them, so watch out:


The style braza, and even that of back, they can help you in a compromised open water situation. Both are good resources for keep afloat efficiently if you need to put on the material, orient yourself, ask for help, take a breath because you feel overwhelmed or dizzy, etc. Therefore, the domain of styles is related to the domain of the aquatic environment.

You will combine muscles of the swimming action. Although swimming requires practically all the muscles, the technical characteristics of each style demand more activity from certain muscles. Practicing various styles will allow you to give rest to those muscles that are most frequently requested and to work others that are less required.

You will exceed monotonous workouts that get boring and make you lose motivation when you have no variation in the exercises. New challenges and stimuli increase your motivation and avoid stagnation (principle of training variety).

Butterfly style

The learning of mariposa It will require greater strength, technique and body control, aspects that will undoubtedly positively influence crawl swimming.

Back style

The style back It has many similarities to the crawl style only that changing from ventral to dorsal position. It is a good resource for practicing rolling, pulling, and kicking.

The exercises of combining the kick of one style with the stroke of another are perfect for working the coordination, a key aspect in the aquatic environment to maintain swimming efficiency.

Crol Style

The crawl style should be your main training objective if you are a triathlete, but including exercises and series of other styles can help you improve your main competition style.

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport

Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos Sports Director

Senior Triathlon and Swimming Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Coach


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