Basic stretching chart by Victory Endurance

Our Patrner Victory Endurance tells us in an article of his colabotrador Rodrigo Gavela, the importance of stretching in endurance sports.


Stretching is essential before and after to finish doing a physical activity. Many times we do not perform them (due to laziness or forgetfulness) and they can be a cause of muscular pain or agarrotamhours after having trained.


It is done immediately after training for the purpose of improving or reducing the risk of injury and not losing flexibility.

They consist in stretching the part that is desired to the point where tension is felt and then the position is maintained.

The initial position should be comfortable and there should be good support to avoid contractions of other muscles. If the exercise is lying down we must keep the back in total contact with the ground. The lower back is usually arched, but if you raise your head a little (bringing the chin to your chest) and you concentrate on a slow breathing you will see how the lumbar muscles relax until they reach the mattress completely.

Breathing slowly we help to relax more muscles and stretch them more effectively. It is a safe method that is based on yoga. As the tension decreases, the muscle becomes more stretched.


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