Test to evaluate your performance in cycling on the roller

Doing it on the roller will give reliable data and that you can compare to see your evolution.

A very useful way to observe your evolution in cycling is to go doing test or performance tests on the roller.

Always do it on the same conditions and not depend on external factors, ta will give some reliable data and that you can compare to see your evolution.

Roller training is widely used by cyclists and triathleteYes, for this reason we are going to explain how to do a Test for measure performance using it

First of all, you have to know the concept of FPT The Functional Threshold Power (FTP) refers to the maximum average power you can develop in one hour.

You can consult a more detailed article about FTP in cycling

From this data you can you calculate the different training zones expressed in beats / minute and power zones.

We propose a test to calculate it.

FTP test

Initially, the original version of the FTP test is performed over 60 minutes, but due to the complexity involved, both logistically and physiologically, Allen and Coggan (2010) proposed an adaptation of 20 minutes.

FPT test 20 minutes on roller

The good thing about doing this roller test is eliminate external influences of weather or unforeseen road, allowing you to give the maximum effort during the test.

Many of the current rollers offer you the option of the test, we advise you to use the ZYCLE ZPro roller, One star products from our collaborator Zycle


  • Simulate slopes of up to 15% slope
  • It generates a maximum power of 1.200 watts.
  • Silent, precise, powerful
  • Good power readings.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of platforms on the market such as Bkool, Zwift, Rouvy, Trainer Road

How to do the FTP test?

In case you do not have it, the ideal is to do this sequence:

  • 10 'Heating
  • 20 'Test, regulating the effort to give the maximum
  • 10 'cooling

It is important to make a good warm-up, then do the test regulating your effort to give the maximum during the 20 minutes of the same and finish with a little easy shooting on the back to calm

How do I analyze the data?

Once we have the results of the 20-minute Test you will have to apply a correction coefficient of 0,95 to the watts obtained.

Example: 300 watts

For example, if your test result has been 300 watts, you will have to use the following table:

(Test result) x 0.95 = Maximum average power

300 watts x 0,95 = 285 watts will be your maximum average power that you can maintain for one hour of effort.

From this data you can calculate your training zones following the power zones proposed by Coggan:


First Name

Average power (% FTP)

% FC



Active recovery















Lactate or Anaerobic Threshold





Aerobic power (VO2max)


> 106



Anaerobic capacity


N / A



Neuromuscular power

N / A

N / A


You already have the indications to evaluate your performance in the cycling sector, so evaluate your starting point at the beginning of the season, your improvements during the same and at the end to see the evolution of your pedals.

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