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Take beet juice and improve your performance

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Numerous clinical studies have also demonstrated the efectos beneficiosos the Nitrate consumption in the diet and beet is an easy option to take them.

Our collaborator Rebook Performance tells us on this occasion the benefits that can bring us in our sports performance add the intake of Beet juice

The discovery of the physiological importance of nitric oxide led to the observation that nitrate in the diet contributes significantly to the formation of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide it does not occur naturally in our body, so we are dependent on inorganic nitrates to produce it.

Numerous clinical studies have also demonstrated the efectos beneficiosos the consumption of nitrates in the diet, especially in the Cardiovascular health y metabolic (study) with powerful effects vasodilators, immunomodulators y Improvement of mitochondrial efficiency.

In the sports performance It also seems to have benefits and according to the latest reviews has a level of evidence A (same category as the well-known caffeine or creatine)


  • Decrease in energy cost increasing the depletion time to sub-maximum intensities and even maximum intensity
  • Improvement of neuromuscular function intervening in the processes of muscle contraction and relaxation
  • Increase in muscle oxygenation decreasing the effects of hypoxia in tests performed at altitude

Even the latest research show benefits even in repeated anaerobic efforts

Nitrates are found in many green leaf plants y cultivated vegetables in low light conditions (beet, spinach, lettuce, cabbages, etc.). Cooking significantly reduces the amount of nitrates, so it is a better option to make a light or steam cooking so as not to alter its properties.

beet juice juice and improve your performance Training articles

If it is complicated to integrate these foods into the diet, it may be easier to include a glass of beet juice a day.

Beet nitrates become nitrites thanks to the bacteria in our saliva, that's why it is important to take it easy and giving time before brushing teeth or using mouthwash.

In the improvement of health, the dose can be from 70 to 250ml, although constantly. However, to improve performance in competitions an amount of 300 to 500ml per day is recommended for at least 5-7 days and the Last dose some 2 -3h before the competition together with 3mg / kg of corporal weight of caffeine to obtain the maximum benefits. Sometimes the color of the urine may be darker if the intake has been high.

Hopefully it will soon become fashionable and be a healthy option to take in any bar and cafeteria, currently there is not much to choose from with so much sweetened drink, your health and performance will thank you.

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